Why Choose Timber For Your Home?

Timber windows have for many years, been a preference for homeowners due to their aesthetic appeal and traditional look. Thermally they perform well by keeping out winter cold and they resist condensation. Structurally, they are very strong and the nature of timber allows it to be made in various custom shapes and sizes.

Timber can have many finishes, including clear finishes or stains that enhance the grain, protect the timber and give the feeling of warmth and comfort. Timber can be painted any colour or stained and being so versatile it will complement any d├ęcor. Timber joinery needs to be finished in some way to protect it and using a preservative treatment, such as paint or stain, will help to stabilise the timber and protect it against rot, and attacks from insects and birds. Finishing your timber joinery, with the treatment of your choice, as soon as possible after manufacture ensures longer life to your windows or doors. We use hardwood sills in our joinery windows, as hardwood provides better durability, than softer alternatives.

We manufacture our joinery from a wide variety of timbers, including Western Red Cedar, New Guinea Rosewood, Spotted Gum, American White Oak, Blackbutt and Gerrongang, to name a few. We only work with the highest quality in each.

We also have had great feedback from our clients when using Accoya timber. This timber is sustainably-sourced and treated with a non-toxic process which permanently modifies the wood to the core, giving it durability and stability (guaranteed for 50 years above ground and 25years in ground). It also looks and compares well with the best tropical hardwood.

The beauty of timber windows and doors in your home adds elegance, warmth and value. We have made custom timber joinery windows and doors to replace existing aluminium and it has completely transformed the home.

Caring for our Environment

We are all becoming more environmentally aware and also manufacturers are addressing these issues. When harvested responsibly, timber is the only building material that is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable.

We are able to source high quality recycled timber and FSC Timbers. FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council and all timbers with this logo come from FSC certified forests.

Energy Savings

From a thermal point of view, timber windows are a good insulator against heat and cold. Using the latest glass technologies you can increase the energy efficiency of your home by using performance glass such as Low-E, double glazed units, insulated glass, tinted glass or combinations of these.

Other ways to improve the thermal efficiency of your home is to use seals or weather-stripping to openings to stop any draughts.

Also try to locate window and doors to allow natural cooling by cross ventilation and also position windows to provide warmth in winter and use shutters or awnings to provide shade in summer.

Custom Crafted Joinery Solutions

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