Timber Window & Joinery Sydney

We make a variety of custom timber Joinery for architects, builders and residential home owners. Some of the custom joinery services we offer are:

  •   Timber windows
  •   Timber doors
  •   Timber entrances - front doors with side-lights or fixed panels
  •   Timber sashes
  •   Match existing joinery including Federation

We also repair or replace timber window sashes that are broken or rotted and we are also happy to machine up any timber to size for you or run mouldings to match existing joinery. No type of Federation window sash are too difficult for us to replicate. We have vast experience in matching any type of timber window profile. Contact us today regarding your:

  •   Timber window repairs
  •   Timber sash window repairs
  •   Timber door repairs
  •   Timber panelling repairs
  •   Federation joinery replacement

What Makes Our Joinery Serivce So Special?

Our personalized joinery service means that the joiner you speak to will be making your joinery from start to finish, so high quality is guaranteed.

All our timber joinery is crafted using traditional methods, such as mortice and tenon joints, ensuring longevity.

What Is A Sash Window?

When we speak about a window sash, we are meaning the framed panel of glass that is the moveable part of the window. It can go up or down or perhaps push out as in a hopper window. It is the window sash that sometimes needs repair or replacement, especially in old houses where regular maintenance has been missed.

They can often rot from water damage and next time they are opened, you might easily have the glass pane fall out! It’s a good idea to check the windows, at least, once a year to prevent accidents and to ensure you retain maximum insulation.

We Repair Sash Windows

Our joinery is crafted using traditional joints ensuring joinery of the highest standards.

We can also supply joinery in a range of selected hardwood or softwood timbers from sustainable forests.

Eco Sustainable Timber

WS Field Joinery is able to source a wide range of FSC timber species available for almost any building purpose. These timbers are from forests, plantations or salvaged logs certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Custom Crafted Joinery Solutions

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