Timber Joinery FAQ's

We are happy to advise the most suitable timber for your joinery requirements and give you the pros and cons for the choice. We can also order re-cycled hardwoods and Eco and FSC Certified Timbers.

It is not cost effective to re-use the glass unless it is a leadlight or glass that you are matching and it is not available anymore. All care taken but no guarantees when removing glass.

There are many types of glass that cut out the sun’s UV rays and also glazing that cuts down noise such as double glaze units and we can advise what is the most suitable glass for your needs.

It is helpful to provide measurements in millimetres and metres, rather than centimetres. Measure and record the height first, then the width. Give overall measurements.

It is preferable to measure the outside of the window or door frame, not the inside.

We sell top quality cotton sash cord by the metre and we have a small selection of fittings in stock and can also order in specific items for you. Also if large quantities are required we can order in at very competitive rates.

When we speak about a window sash, we are meaning the timber frame around the panel of glass that is usually the moveable part of the window. It can go up or down or perhaps push out as in a hopper window. The sash can also be a fixed sash as in the example of a picture window for a view only, sometimes found in the middle of hopper windows or casement windows.

It is the window sash that sometimes needs repair or replacement, especially in older houses where regular maintenance has been missed. They can often rot from water damage and next time they are opened, you might easily have the glass pane fall out! It’s a good idea to check the windows once a year to prevent accidents.

It is the vertical bar that divides the glass in a window.

The stile is the main vertical timber frame of a window sash.

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